Everyone Needs a Hobby- Might I Suggest DIY?

It seems like I’m pretty much always stuck in between. I’m a college graduate, but I’m not quite in the career of my dreams yet. I’m a professional, but my hopes and dreams include a family. I’m perpetually single, eternally nomadic, and continually trying to find ways to feel like I have a system. I don’t think I’m alone in this either. I think there are a LOT of us in Generation Y who want to feel self-defined and settled while still progressing. iStock_000019816460_LargeWhich is how I have ended up here at the 30 nothings blog. Adventure doesn’t have to mean leaving your home and living life to the fullest TODAY can easily help prepare for the future as well! I have found that one of the best solutions for us fetal adults is a good hobby or DIY! For this world of us 30 somethings I offer up my simple nothings: projects that keep the mind creative and the heart self-expressive, and little life lessons that might prove helpful.

Crafty or Skilled?

I’m going to say right now, I have never considered myself crafty. I mean really, that word implies something like cute colors, buttons, glitter, or endless fonts and paint. I know that my personal culture leads to these sorts of “beautification” projects, but I am not mightily invested in them. Rather I like big, organically historic looking decoration, and kitchen revamping projects. BUT that’s not to say that I can’t see the beauty in the craft and that I’m not fully happy to suggest you do a craft I would never undertake.

Focused on meeting her measuresThe trick about DIY, whether you are crafty or skilled, is to express YOU! Look for projects that will improve upon the world you are building around yourself. I am not suggesting that you create an exclusive hideout where no one else can participate, rather that you explore what you like. Big projects are really cathartic, with multipurpose ladders and toolboxes and plenty of demolition. But little projects can be just as fulfilling when they give you that sense of accomplishment and you have a much smaller mess to clean up.

Adult Ideas

And now for some cheeky how-to-be-an-adult ideas:

  • Offer to pay for dinner when you go out with your parents. It’s one of those significant benchmark moves to make as it communicates that not only do you not expect them to continue to take care of you, but you’re also happy to take care of them too.
  • Mistakes will be made, learn from them, don’t wallow in them.